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F – Talk: Is Your Connectivity Partner

Looking at the necessity of the world to connect with another individual or a group of individuals for official meetings or a friendly chat, we have designed F – Talk. F – Talk gives you a way to interact with your colleagues and seniors or people dearest to you in a one-on-one manner or with an option of multiple windows.

F – Talk is equipped with an option to capture images but you can also click on images and documents of the person you are chatting with. The Upload or Share feature enables you to share pictures or document with others.

This real-time picture or document sharing brings about a new enthusiasm in online video conferencing or chatting. It also gives its users the option to RECORD the entire discussion or chat; it provides volume and video controls and much more.

Key features of F-Talk

F – Talk has been designed to bring people closer providing great image quality, and real-time document and image sharing.

Invite(75+ People)
Video Call
Meeting Record
Screen Share
Live Stream

F-Talk is a paid app for online meeting where you can meeting more then 75+ pepole together and you can download free from App store and play store. click the download button to get ios and Android version.

Version 1.2.0
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