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F – Check: Is Your Personal Health Guide

F – Check is a concept to keep your health problems under control. It is a tool that is equipped with a Body Scanner and a Body Mass Index calculator. These tools help analyzing an individual’s health conditions within minutes and suggest remedies for overcoming any health challenges accordingly.

The way it works is very simple. Your smartphone becomes your BMI Calculator and your Body Scanner. The BMI is based on the Height and Weight of an individual’s body and analyzes the fitness level of the individual as Underweight, Normal weight, Overweight and Obese whereas the Body Scanner replica analyses the condition of Internal organs and provides a report accordingly. Additionally, it suggests appropriate precautions, products and lifestyle changes to help with recovery from the given health issue.

Key features of F-CHECK

F – check is a handy tool that will enable individuals to keep a track of their physical health conditions and lead a healthy life with appropriate and prompt guidance.

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F-Check is a paid Health App where you can get your BMI Report and Health Tips and you can download free from App store and play store. click the download button to get ios and Android version.

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