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About Us

FAI: A Profound Business Platform Run by Artificial Intelligence

The world is moving towards development and progress at a random pace , bringing about a new change in our lifestyle. In this chyange or technical shift, we are glad to bring about a change in the lives of our members and followers through our approach of initiating Artificial Intelligence based program that will provide you wqithj advanced tools and features such as F - Talk, F - Create and F - Check. This AI based program has been created in association with and powered and supported by BID, Germeny, to bring the modern World advancements into the life of the ordinary people.

OUR administrative TEAM

Dr Samir Kumar Dhara

Managing Director

Mantoo Kumar Singh

Business Head

Melissa Rochelle Raub

Business Partner(FAI)

Oriane Playner

People University(Administrative)


  • What is Artificial Intelligence?

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computer science field dealing with the creation of intelligent machines that work and reacts like humans.

  • Natural language generation, speech recognition, virtual agents, machine learning platforms, AI optimized hardware, decision management, deep learning platforms, bio metrics, robotics automation, text analysis, cyber defense, compliance, knowledge worker aid, content creation, emotion recognition, image recognition and marketing automation.

  • Google Duplex can make phone calls to make restaurant and hair appointments. Google Deep Mind won a global Starcraft game challenge against gaming pros. Amazon uses AI for book and product recommendations. Websites are using Chat-bots to answer basic customer queries. Airports are using image recognition for staff security. Rolls Royce is using AI for predictive maintenance and servicing of airplane engines. Informatica is using AI for compliance and data gathering and analysis purposes. Fintech is using AI to combine and analyse more diverse datasets. In Healthcare AI can help analyse more data for preventative medicine. Baidu in China is producing self driving buses for large cities.

  • Automated transport, taking over dangerous jobs, robots working with humans, improved elderly care, cyborg (organic/bio-mechanic) organisms, environment monitoring and response for climate change goals.

  • People will be always better as compared to any invention of humans since human minds are better optimized to work and find the right solution to any problem.Ever since 1950, none had ever visualized the advancement of computer science to the extent of its present day usage and deployment. The continuous learning and research processes offers humans the advantage of creating a learning process for the machines which in return eases the workload on humans and provides a better output with greater efficiency and accuracy. The present day modern science terms the development as “Artificial Intelligence”.



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